Let’s get children off their devices and build stronger relationships with each other. When families game together, you have this wonderful opportunity to communicate with one another. Sitting around a table, face to face, laughing and telling stories is all part of the experience that board games deliver.
We want to show your children how amazing board games have become. Our extracurricular program gives them the opportunity to learn new games each week, games we hope they will love, and a hobby they will want to share with you.


Modern board games

Games have changed since you were young. Monopoly, Sorry, Clue bring back some great memories for most,  but if you’ve never walked into a modern board game store, you’re missing out on how much this industry has grown over the years. There are games with themes for everyone in the family, including you!

What to play?

Games can be hysterically zany and fun or they can be head scratchingly strategic. Finding the right game for you and your family can be challenging since there are just so many available now. We can help.




We will regularly post family game suggestions, reviews and other insights for your information. Let us introduce you to this amazing family hobby and ask your school if they offer All Aboard Games!