Lets go back to the times when children playing  meant playing face to face, playing unplugged, playing together. Children that sit together to play board games can expect to gain invaluable social skills, build empathetic relationships, develop their cognitive skills and especially, have fun.


Fully Animated activity for all grades

We offer a fully animated extracurricular program where students from either grades K-2 or 3-6 will learn a new game, or 2, at every weekly session. Every game has been specifically chosen to promote different game mechanisms,  themes and game categories. Programs suitable for all types of learners and ability levels. Mixed groupings provide for adult-child and child-child learning of all aspects of games.


Why games matter

Playing board games is learning to learn. It’s as if the students are being taught a subject and then are given the opportunity to apply that knowledge. Strategies are developed within the rule sets of each game, using such skills as logic, spatial awareness, deduction, pattern recognition, creativity and even cooperation.


free demo

If you would like a demo of our program, please contact us for scheduling. We are excited to be bringing this amazing program to schools across Montreal.